Tag You're It

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3 Hours

Tag You're It


Kori Turner-Goodhart

About the course

Tag Your it! ID Tag

Tag {approx. 3” x 4“}

This small but mighty little project is so completely versatile. Hook it on your
sewing bag, purse, backpack or throw it on your favorite pair of fabric scissors. Explore small hand embroideries and scraps to make your tag perfectly unique by dressing up an everyday object.

This project is featured in Kori’s book Embroidered Quilts and Keepsakes.

Learn to customize your ID Tag using Kori’s hand-lettering techniques—her tracing methods promise success on the first try, along with guiding you through simple hand embroidery. She will finish off the workshop with giving a demo on how to complete your project at home!

Class fee includes Vendor Mall entrance ticket.