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Signs of String




3 Hours

About the Course

Quilters of the feed sack era embraced string piecing as a way to use up every last fabric scrap. But it also offers countless design opportunities, which we'll explore through images of vintage and modern string-pieced quilts. Then you'll use your own scraps to create quilt blocks on a paper foundation. There’s no right or wrong way to string piece, so this technique is great for freeing quilters from worries about perfect points or fabrics that match exactly. Four blocks will make a striking pillow or keep going and you’ll soon have enough for an entire quilt.  

You can string-piece “free-form” or use the pattern “Signs of String” by Clark Street Quilts They use slightly different techniques and we’ll learn both.

Class fee includes Vendor Mall ticket.

Your Instructor

Linzee Kull McCray

Linzee Kull McCray

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